Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Muse

I got email from my friend Phil last week, asking why I hadn't written anything here for a while. One of the reasons for my absence was a packed social schedule that included a visit from one of my high school friends (which was a lot of fun, but, as always, very tiring as well).

Aside from the fatigue issue, though, I realized that my 'Muse' seemed to be on vacation, or at least taking an extended coffee break -- I just didn't seem to have much of interest (even to me!) to write about. Or, if I did think of something to write about, by the time I got to my desk and logged on to Blogger, whatever I'd thought to write about ended up seeming inane or boring or just not worth the effort.

I still kinda feel that way, so I assume my Muse is out somewhere, sipping a latte and enjoying the fall foliage. Or maybe she's stocking up on Hallowe'en candy? Or raking leaves and packing them into big paper bags for the green waste pick-up in her neighborhood. Whatever she's doing, it ain't got anything to do with me!

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