Friday, June 22, 2007


We have two large banks of strawberry vines growing in our back yard, and I've been out every morning for the past week, bucket in hand, picking strawberries. David has strawberries with his cereal every morning. I've made one strawberry pie, several servings of strawberry shortcake, strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, and I've frozen about six cups of whole berries so far. I picked another quart or so this morning, and plan to serve them tomorrow evening with pound cake and whipped cream. From the looks of the vines, we'll easily be able to harvest another few quarts of berries before this year's crop is done.

And the berries on the blueberry bushes are starting to turn blue-purple, so it will be time to do some harvesting there very soon.

Oh boy, oh boy!


Revalani said...

I have a very fine recipe for strawberry mojitos, should you want to branch out in that direction. Not for breakfast, of course. At least not every morning.

Char said...

Nothing better than berries grown in your own back yard...harvestable whenever you have the time! Sounds WONDERFUL!!

Libbi said...

Not sure about the mojitos, since my myriad of miracle medications are putting a lot of pressure on my liver these days (so adding alcohol to the mix isn't a great idea!), but maybe David would like that!

mdmhvonpa said...

We have a 60 foot mulberry tree in the back yard ... yum indeed!