Sunday, July 09, 2006

Now that he's had a taste of freedom...

...Sam is back to whining and yowling to be let outside. AARRGHH!

When we lived in the Bay Area, we had a cat door, and the kitties were able to come and go as they pleased (unfortunately, so were the raccoons, but that's another story). If we tried to keep Sam in the house, he'd bolt out the door as soon as it was opened even a crack, and more than once he almost knocked me over the in the process (he's a BIG cat with lots of muscle and VERY determined). Given how wobbly I am on the best of days, the last thing I needed was a 20-pound, black feline pushing past me out the door, so we gave up trying to keep him inside within weeks of moving into our home in Berkeley. But now that he's older, and less agile, and our yard is filled with beautiful song birds, we're determined to keep him inside.

I gotta say, though, this YOWLING is NOT fun!

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