Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More whining about winter

This is 'Campaign Craig', a sculpture made from a shovel and a couple of rakes. We bought Craig from the guy who made him (whose name was - you guessed it! - Craig) and David added the 'campaign' when we placed him on a tree stump in our front yard. What can I tell you? David loves puns...

So Craig greets folks as they walk towards our front door. We had him draped in fake spider webs on Hallowe'en, and he took to that costume like a pro. But I'm not sure how he feels about the snow that's currently piled up on top of his head and back. I mean, he MUST be cold, right? Poor little guy...

I'm feeling like the biggest wuss in the world. I mean, I lived in and around Boston, MA for fifteen years, and I drove in all kinds of lousy weather to get to and from work, but now? Now I'm too nervous to try a quick trip to the post office, much less venture out on the freeway.

Of course, they knew how to clear the roads in Massachusetts, at least the major ones. I'm starting to wonder if Portland, OR even owns a snow plow, and, if they do, whether they've been using the plows to store stuff in a warehouse somewhere, 'cause it sure doesn't look like there's been much plowing going on around here. Of course, our little neighborhood, which doesn't even have sidewalks, is obviously gonna have to wait until nature takes its course, as it were, and things thaw enough to melt the snow on the street. But the Traffic Cams I checked this morning, the ones that show the major freeways and bridges, don't give me a lot of hope that things are gonna clear out on the neighborhood streets any time soon.

As Reva suggested in a comment on one of my last whining posts, we're pretty lucky that we don't have to be anywhere in this kind of weather (and my life doesn't include a lot of going-outside anymore in any case). But there's something about knowing you have the option to venture out if you want to do so that I find comforting. So I'm not feeling particularly comforted this morning!

Whining aside, I do need to admit that it's looking pretty gorgeous out in our back yard this morning. And I kinda like Craig's white-hat look, so he's gonna stay that way until - well, until nature steps in and melts it all away. Guess I shouldn't bitch about the snow-plow guys after all, huh?


mdmhvonpa said...

Have I mentioned that the average temperature in Philly for January has been 46F over the last 30 days?

Libbi said...

I still have friends in Philly who've reported about the spring-like weather back east in great detail (chortling as they type, I'm sure!).

Bizarre, no?