Sunday, January 28, 2007

Everything changes, nothing stays the same

That's a line from a country and western song (Patti Loveless? Kathy Mattea?) that I played at the end of a brief workshop about change I once gave, and I'm reminded at least once a day how true that is.

So after bitching and moaning about winter (and yes, it's still pretty cold here, and the little pond in our back yard is still frozen) I discovered dozens and dozens of new, green shoots jutting out all over our yard. The two planters next to the front stairs are showing lots of shoots (probably daffodils and tulips), and there are daffodil shoots all over the garden plot beside the driveway (and probably out back, but I haven't ventured out there for a while).

David went out yesterday (while I stayed in bed, trying to fight off a case of the flu) and cleared out most of the detritus left over from last year's blooms, which will, we hope, allow these lovely, little green shoots to get more sun and more room to grow.

I'll take a few photos and post them in the next couple of days, but I did, at least, want to report that we're beginning to see some clear hints of spring here in Portland. That, plus the return of light (it's still light outside at 5:30!) gives me hope.

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mdmhvonpa said...

In spite of what our local burrowing rat has to say (Phil is a liar), I'm thinking we will have a bit of winter to pound through here in Pennsyltucky. It's been much too mild and I KNOW we will get on last upper-cut in early March. That said, most of my bulbs have already come up and are about 4 inches out of the soil!