Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sophie, the Beauty Queen

Sophie is a beautiful corgi who lives across the street with our neighbors Deb and Mark. She is definitely Mark's dog - she clearly adores him (and even though he'd probably pooh-pooh this, I'm pretty sure he adores her, too).

The day of the Big Snowstorm, I was outside clearing the snow off my car, when I heard her barking. I turned to look for her, and the next thing I saw was this adorable bundle of blonde-and-white fur bounding through the snow, across the street and into our driveway. She seemed to love it, even though a few more inches of the stuff would have buried her!

Our doorbell rang yesterday afternoon - it was Mark and Sophie, just back from the groomers, so I asked David to take a few photos of her in her lovely, pristine, just-shampoo'd state. These pix don't show it, but she was wearing a brightly colored, paper bandana around her neck, a gift from the dog grooming establishment.

I wanted to share these pix with anyone who reads this blog, 'cause I think she's just gorgeous.

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Revalani said...

Sophie has the most gorgeous smile; it's almost human!