Thursday, February 01, 2007

My husband, the artisan

I think I posted something about how multi-talented David is (note I am NOT implying that he's good at multi-tasking). I'm not going to list all of his skills, for a few reasons: (1) I get depressed when I see how many things he does really well, 'cause my list is miniscule next to his and (2) it will take too long, and it's almost time for dinner.

Here's a quick look at his latest endeavor; he now designs and crafts hardwood cutting boards. These are gone now, given as gifts to friends and family during the holidays, but there are more being crafted at this moment (well, at least the glue is setting up on them).

Keep in mind, please, that he never made one of these things until early last December, some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The woods in those boards are rock maple, African Padauk, black walnut and something I can't remember how. Birch, perhaps?


Zack said...

I like that small one with the diagonal line through it. :>

Libbi said...

And I'm pretty fond of the person who received it! ;-)

Char said...

Wonderful stuff...such great colors in the wood!! If he's making more, will he sell them??