Sunday, September 17, 2006

And, in response...

...we were invited to dinner last night, by a couple we met when we first arrived in Portland to see what the city was like, around Valentine's Day, 2005. We arrived to find some people we already knew (and like a LOT), as well as two couples we hadn't met before. Our friends' house is lovely, inside and out (just like they are, now that I think about it!), and it felt so good to be there. One couple has been away for most of the summer, and seeing them again was like opening the best birthday gift imaginable. Dinner was delicious, the conversation around the crowded table was lively and interesting.

Best of all, there were two dogs (I love dogs, even though I've always lived with cats); one 3-year-old black German Shepherd and a bouncy, fluffy Lab/Poodle mix puppy, less than a year old. I loved watching the two dogs bound around the back yard, chasing each other, wrestling, chasing, wrestling -- having the time of their lives while we humans stood sipping wine and enjoying the exuberant show. At one point, the older dog was teasing the puppy, coming close with a toy in her mouth and then dashing away as soon as the puppy showed any interest -- another fun game that they played for a while.

When I woke this morning, one of my first thoughts was "Hey, wait a minnit, here. I DO have friends in Portland!"

And y'know what? I do!

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