Saturday, September 23, 2006


Have you ever woken up while still dreaming, and found that you've carried the dream around with you, like wisps of mental fog, for some time after you've climbed out of bed?

Last night, driven out of our bedroom to sleep on the sofa by The Evil Snoring of Someone Who Will Remain Nameless But Wasn't Me, I settled on our comfortable living room sofa with a pillow, a blanket and one cat. (Harley was already there, so she and I shared the space comfortably all night.)

It was a night filled with dreams, I'm pretty sure, because I kept waking, realizing where I was, and drifting back to sleep. But the last dream, the one I was dreaming when David turned on the light in the kitchen and woke me -- that dream is still wafting around in my head, despite a good, strong cup of black coffee. The details of the dream aren't all that important (except to me, of course!); right now, it's the phenomenon that I find interesting.

Is it because I woke while still in mid-dream that these wisps of feelings are lingering? It wasn't a particularly interesting dream - no great revelations or feats of physical prowess happened. But it's still with me, quietly following me around the house.

I know in an hour, or half hour, or several hours, it will be gone. For now, though, I kinda like having it here.


Char said...

Yes! this happens to me too. The dream seems real even when you're awake...maybe hours later. Then you'd like to have the dream again, if it was a pleasant one. I don't know why it happens, it just seems that sometimes the dream reality spills over into the waking reality. Does that make sense?

Libbi said...

Absolutely. That's exactly what it feels like - a kind of 'waking dream', at least for a while.

But today, a load of wash, new linens on the bed and dusting the bedroom has burned away the last vestiges of that dream!