Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Autumn approaches

Or maybe it's already here?

It's now dark enough in the morning that I have to set my alarm so I don't sleep too late. I didn't realize it would make that much difference, moving 600 miles north, but it definitely does. It stays light in the summer months much later here than in northern California, and the winter days seem a lot shorter. But right now, I see dappled sunlight on the wall of the house next door, filtered through green leaves, and it's a gorgeous autumn morning in Portland, for sure.

Our grape arbor fell over yesterday, laden as it was with muscat grapes, and it remains on its side for now. I need to get out there and harvest more grapes (we have a ton of 'em in the refrigerator at the moment, and I've frozen some as well) so David can lift up the arbor, set it upright and reinforce it so it doesn't topple over again.

Our pear tree has produced a prodigious crop as well; I think I'll bake a pear tart if I'm up to it this afternoon. I did manage to bring in another dozen pears and to fill the bird feeder this morning, and to dump the latest collection of vegetable and fruit detritus into the compost bin that lives on the side of the garage. Days like today, when I wake relatively pain-free and with a decent reserve of energy, are such a glorious gift. I may not ever be able to fly to Shanghai and work, but I sure as hell appreciate my 'good' days - almost as much as I did those experiences.

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