Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's rare these days for me to be up and around early enough to catch a sunrise (unlike my bad ol' working days, when I'd leave home in the dark and not return until long after sunset). But I got up early this morning to set out gifts for the guys who pick up our trash and recycling and to get the morning Oregonian. As I turned to walk back inside, I noticed that the sun was rising in the east, above the huge maple and oak trees in our neighbors' yards, and I decided I wanted to watch it a bit longer. So I came back inside, went out to the back deck (where there's a much better view) and stood out there, breathing in the cold, fresh air, and watched the sky change to a palette of rose and gold.

And I was really very glad to be alive.


Revalani said...

I caught a flash of brilliant red-gold this morning through the foliage of the huge cedar outside our bedroom window. This is unusual; the sun must be far enough north and, miraculously, it wasn't socked in at sunrise. Unlike you, I was still in bed at the time. %^)

........deb said...

Amazing how we can continue to be suprised by the simple beauty of the natural world. I'm glad you got such a lovely start to the day.


Libbi said...

I'm not sure life would be much more than drudgery without the ability to continually be surprised (and a little awed) by the beauty that surrounds us here. We are so damned lucky, y'know?

Revalani said...

Yup, for sure.