Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today is my birthday!

Now, I gotta say, when you hit the age of (gulp) fifty-nine, you don't actually celebrate getting a year older, but --- what the hell. Fifty-nine years ago, give or take about 12 hours, my parents were attending a Philadelphia Orchestra concert, and my mother went into labor (I wasn't due for another three weeks - looks like I started out impatient, and that hasn't changed one bit, as David will attest). Mom's obstetrician was in Atlantic City (a very different place in 1947, with nary a casino to be seen) so I was delivered by the intern on duty at the time. He was so nervous (and I was apparently so eager to get on with it) that I slipped out of his hands and fell - head-first - into the bucket awaiting the afterbirth, positionedon the floor next to the delivery table! I wish I could say that explained a bit about how I turned out, but I've learned that babies and small children manage to do a lot of tumbling and falling without major damage, so I can't use that event as an excuse, much as I'd like to!

For the next year, my uncle, who was an MD, and our family doctor, stopped by our house at the end of the day before he went home for dinner, 'just to take a look at your beautiful baby'. Both of my parents found that rather odd, but didn't know the reason until I was a year old (can you believe it? no one told my parents what had happened for an entire year after I was born! Today, that would mean Major Lawsuit, I'm sure).

In any case, head-bonking, the Years of Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll, working at a nuclear power plant (really!), and Multiple Sclerosis notwithstanding, here I am, like an overweight Energizer Bunny, still going after fifty-nine years.

And the day dawned sunny and bright in Portland, a welcome gift for all of us!

(Cue the Beatles singing "Today is Your Birthday...")


ellen said...

happy birthday, dear libbi!

Char said...

I knew there was a reason that it didn't rain today. It was so you could have a beautiful birthday! Not many years behind you, we are...sooner than we all can imagine, our 50s will be behind us. Now, what happend to all those years since I turned 21?? Happy, happy birthday Libbi...and many, many more!

Libbi said...

Thank you!

Revalani said...

Though I wished you "happy birthday" in real time yesterday, I want to add that I'm awfully glad we're on the planet at the same time, Lib, and in such proximity.

Next year, as you approach that big milestone birthday, take comfort in the fact that I turn 60 almost five full months before you do. %^)

Much love for the coming year, my friend.